1 – Failure Identification

Signs of post-tensioned cable failure can include the following and will require immediate repairs to restore strength and integrity to the structure:

  • Broken strands which can be seen coming out of the structure
  • End anchorage which has lifted out of the concrete
  • Cracking concrete which is running parallel to the strands
  • Excessive deflections
  • Punching shear cracks in slabs
  • Diagonal shear / flexure cracks in beams and joists

Typically, however, there are no outward signs of distress and installation of inspection recesses is the only way to check if cables are still tensioned. Installation of inspection recesses involves chipping into the underside of your concrete slab and exposing small portions of cables for review. Exposed cables can be reviewed at inspection recesses to check for corrosion and to see if they are broken.