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Miyagi Construction’s Concrete Polishing services! Concrete polishing is a rapidly-growing style of concrete finishing that is popular with residential and industrial clients alike. Concrete polishing is: – Low-maintenance (no need for regular waxing or coatings) – Durable – Easy to clean – Slip-proof – Waterproof – Cost-effective Concrete polishing yields a high luster that improves natural and artificial lighting in any room. Please contact Miyagi Construction’s experienced team

Whether the concrete is an existing slab or new construction there is usually a beautiful surface waiting to be revealed.

It can be a phenomenal transformation when we see the before and after effect on a surface. That is when the real pride of workmanship shines through.

Premium Finish

A decorative, high-gloss finish for exposed aggregate floors. Premium Finish is an indoor application for showrooms, high-end real estate and areas where aesthetic properties including flatness and reflectivity of the floor are top priority. The result is a surface that shines and offers exceptional durability.
– Reflective and decorative finish
– Floor flatness
– Extremely high quality and durability
– Hygienic and easy to clean
– Exceptionally resistant to abrasion


Commercial Finish

A medium-gloss finish for semi-exposed and low-exposed aggregate floors. Commercial Finish is an indoor application aimed at retail areas, shop fronts and indoor public spaces. The result is a floor that offers functionality and low maintenance but is still aesthetically pleasing.

– Easy to clean and maintain
– Resistant to wear and spills
– Abrasion-resistant
– Slip-resistant
– Minimal lifetime cost


Industrial Finish

A low-gloss finish customized for industrial floors. This process is primarily an indoor application targeting large areas such as warehouses and department stores where flooring functionality is of primary concern. The result is a hard wearing floor that offers a safer and cleaner environment.
– Minimal lifetime cost
– Withstands the toughest use
– Slip-resistant
– Resistant to spills, abrasion, oils and dusting
– Easy to clean



Removal of paint, glue, thin set, or almost anything that is undesirable in preparation for a new surface. We are able to meet any spec in preparation for epoxy coatings, hardwood flooring installation, or sheet goods.

No matter what our customers’ needs are when it comes to preparing their surface, we look after them in a timely and tidy manner. We use only HEPA certified vacuum systems that will keep your project healthy and safe.


Providing a basic treatment to raw concrete which protects and enhances on a budget.

Sealers not only provide protection from staining or discoloration but can add a richness or depth to the concrete that has appeal in a wide range of applications.

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