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25 HTS

Tennant 25 HTS is the premier 25 mil system with a satin finish. This three layer, high performance system is high solids, with low odor and low VOC. It is applied with two coats of epoxy and topcoated with a light stable, chemical resistant urethane, Eco-HTS™ 100 (High Traffic System), providing slight texture for added slip resistance and durability. This system can be applied indoors during working hours.

25 WG-240

Tennant 25 WG-240 is a 25 mil, three layer, economical system with a gloss finish. This system is applied with two coats of epoxy and topcoated with WearGuard™-240. This system offers the best value as it is cost effective and extremely durable. With under 250g/L VOC’s this system meets VOC regulations, but is best applied during shut down applications and with proper ventilation. This system is not light stable.


Eco-Crete™ IF

Eco-Crete IF (Iron Fill) is a one layer, 3/8" - 1/2" thick, trowel applied, mortar system. This system has properties that exceed those of typical concrete and is meant to withstand impact, abrasion, chemical exposure, high traffic and abuse, in areas that require thermal shock resistance.

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Cosmetic Flake Flooring Options: Take a Search For Each Heart

Unlike floor systems which can be installed tiles, sheets, or cubes, resinous ground coatings are all fluid-applied coatings which make a virtually smooth surface on a concrete slab and also can be found in a variety of textures and colours. Decorative flake floor coatings contain scents suspended in a transparent resin, therefore the supply of scents is actually organic and random, unlike replicating tile patterns which make an effort to attain a”natural” appearance.

Decorative hardwood ground coating solutions can be found in a vast assortment of both colours and jazzy sizes, so which makes them an exceptionally versatile and versatile epoxy floor option. Cosmetic aromas in a range of pure mineral colors may be utilised to make the visual appeal of terrazzo floors, that is usually prohibitively costly and typically requires higher care expenses and regular closed down time. Floor coatings comprising natural mica flakes can supply a gorgeous, elegant appearance very similar to hardwood floors, minus the high costs of maintenance and installation. Brightly-colored aromas could develop a vibrant, contemporary appearance or promote soul using the colours of a mascot, symbol, or sports club. Or produce an visual impact by selecting numerous colours and designing a blueprint of one’s own choice. The combinations are infinite! .

Powerful and Durable.

Epoxy and urethane floor coatings develop a barrier of strength within their cement substrate on which they’re implemented, leading to greater scratch resistance, better loadbearing capacities, and a protracted life span of this cement flooring. Fluid-applied flooring systems have the power to be virtually eloquent, eliminating many cracks and creases at which mold, dust, and bacteria have a tendency to grow and gather. Due to resinous floor’s surface, it’s not difficult to wash spraying with a hose if needed, and it’s also durable enough to resist using several unpleasant chemical cleansers. With software across numerous businesses, cosmetic curl systems might be customized to suit the operational demands of a specific setting. Such as for example the capability to pick from assorted textures to help against slip and fall episodes, or cosmetic processes that could withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature and will help curb the growth of germs, along with a variety of other customized formulas.

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