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OUR TEAMOur Team of Experts

WHY CHOOSE USTrusted Concrete Professionals

Miyagi Construction spares no effort in providing high-quality concrete restoration at a competitive pricing. Our team is flexible and dynamic.

We aspire to expand from small- to mid-scale concrete repairs to post-tension cable replacements.

Whether you want to give your home a fresh new look, add vibrant color to old siding or brick or need a reliable contractor with the expertise to handle faux finishes, wallpaper or specialty wall coverings, Renowise Painting offers quality service to homeowners, businesses and institutions throughout the Lancaster, PA area and beyond!


WHAT WE DOWe Concrete Restoration Services for
Most Residential and Commercial Building

Concrete Restoration

Post-Tension Cable Repair

Waterproofing Membrane

Carbon Fiber Concrete Reinforcement


Verified Proffesionals

Our team completes continuing education courses to ensure we can provide solutions to the most difficult problems and issues. We work efficiently and effectively to ensureĀ  support for you.

A Concrete Contractor You Can Turn to Year Round

Call me for emergency Concrete Service

As a young, dynamic company, we offer flexibility and quick turnaround time on top of capable, reliable work. As our overheads are low, we are also able to offer extremely competitive pricing.


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