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25 HTS

Tennant 25 HTS is the premier 25 mil system with a satin finish. This three layer, high performance system is high solids, with low odor and low VOC. It is applied with two coats of epoxy and topcoated with a light stable, chemical resistant urethane, Eco-HTS™ 100 (High Traffic System), providing slight texture for added slip resistance and durability. This system can be applied indoors during working hours.

25 WG-240

Tennant 25 WG-240 is a 25 mil, three layer, economical system with a gloss finish. This system is applied with two coats of epoxy and topcoated with WearGuard™-240. This system offers the best value as it is cost effective and extremely durable. With under 250g/L VOC’s this system meets VOC regulations, but is best applied during shut down applications and with proper ventilation. This system is not light stable.


Eco-Crete™ IF

Eco-Crete IF (Iron Fill) is a one layer, 3/8" - 1/2" thick, trowel applied, mortar system. This system has properties that exceed those of typical concrete and is meant to withstand impact, abrasion, chemical exposure, high traffic and abuse, in areas that require thermal shock resistance.

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Miyagi Industrial Floor Coating

Floor coating systems for industrial facilities have the toughest job in the building. They have to withstand constant traffic and mechanical wear along with abuse from things like corrosive liquid, high temperature and heavy impact, to name a few. If the floor can’t handle the stress, everything else is in jeopardy.

Miyagi Construction, we supply and install a wide range of Industrial and Commercial Epoxy Flooring Solutions in Vancouver, specially designed for industrial facilities and commercial stores.

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