Post-Tension Cable Failure

Signs of post-tension cable failure can include the following and will require immediate repairs to restore strength and integrity to the structure:

-Broken strands which can be seen coming out of the structure
-End anchorage which has lifted out of the concrete
-Cracking concrete which is running parallel to the strands
-Excessive deflections
-Punching shear cracks in slabs
-Diagonal shear / flexible cracks in beams and joists

Post-Tension Cable Corrosion

This is what corrosion does to a post-tension cable. Miyagi Construction can investigate water damage and dry the affected cables before it’s too late.

Corrosion is a common problem for unbounded post-tension cables exposed to moisture and aggressive environments. Insufficient concrete cover over the cables, lack of waterproofing at anchorages and errors made during initial construction can lead to widespread corrosion problems within post-tension cable systems. It is possible for corrosion to advance to the point where cables break and lower the strength of the concrete floor.

Post-Tension Cable Investigation and Replacement

Miyagi Construction can assist with an inspection of your post-tension cable system by chipping small inspection recesses into the underside of your concrete slab and exposing small portions of cables for review. Exposed cables can be reviewed at inspection recesses to check for corrosion and to see if they are broken. If broken cables are found, Miyagi Construction can replace them with new, fully-tension cables.  Miyagi Construction can also review your structure and complete appropriate waterproofing upgrades that will reduce further corrosion related deterioration within your post-tension cable system.